Why you need a digital strategy (or know how to prepare one)

Why you need a digital strategyPeople live as much online in a virtual world as they do in the physical world. This means the digital space continues to open up innumerable and more effective opportunities to grow brand transactions and brand affinity online.

However, with these opportunities comes complexity, and traditional one-way brand communications strategy is simply not effective online. Rather, a strategic approach is required that is cognisant of interactivity, dialogue, and user-generated content as well as brand-generated content.

The social web means digital communication is always occuring, not just during campaign windows as with traditional media. This is something not covered in a standard cross-channel strategic communications plan.

A digital strategy provides an ongoing blueprint which allows us to make sense of this complexity and develop coordinated digital campaigns to achieve brand and business objectives.

So, yes businesses do need a digital strategy. The debate on why the world doesn’t need a digital strategist rages on, but you can rest assured that if your not getting your digital planning hat on, your in a spot of bother.


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