Google Vs Bing: Eye-tracking study demonstrates the importance of SEO

A Usercentric eye-tracking study has provided evidence for the importance of website search engine optimization (SEO) when developing online strategies to drive site traffic.

As this graphic indicates, organic search results (and in particular the top handful of results) attract peoples attention the most. When it comes to paid search (SEM), it’s arguably quite critical that you aim for the top sponsored links that appear above organic listings. Although this will often come at a premium to listings appearing on the right side of the page, these top spots undoubtedly grab peoples attention.

When it came to Google Vs Bing, the other findings from the study were:

  • Google’s Top Sponsored Results Get More Attention than Bing’s
  • No Difference in Attention on Sponsored Results on the Right
  • Users Spend More Time Viewing Google’s Organic Search Results
  • Bing’s Left Pane Looked at Longer than Google’s

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