How Facebook Places can be used to increase engagement with outdoor campaigns

News last week that an advertiser has started using Facebook Places on an outdoor billboard introduces the possibility of fostering more consumer engagement with a medium that traditionally has been “left by the roadside”.

This recent campaign from UK singer Cheryl Cole, encourages fans to check in to an outdoor billboard for a chance to win concert tickets. An app accessed from the Cheryl Cole facebook page checks to see if you have “checked in” to a billboard location before allowing you to enter the competition. This entry mechanic not only collects valuable data for the advertiser about which billboard location is more effective, but also could be used to further engage fans in the physical environment.

Outdoor billboards can now become “social objects”. This is big! Such a traditionally static, off-line medium, can now be shared and spread through peoples online social networks. Its just another example of how the physical world is blending with our online world.

As the mainstream adoption of using Facebook Places grows, we are likely to see more campaigns like this. The ease of “checking-in”, and the rich data that can be gained from this should be very attractive to most advertisers. Promotions such as Nike Grid could also take advantage of Facebook Places check-ins as an easy mechanic from which to base their experiential campaigns.

Is Facebook places the new/better form of QR codes for outdoor advertising? What do you think? Post a comment below.


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